Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yummy new wool and at last Casper boy has a new bed.

I have splurged on some yummy wool for a few Christmas projects, I've never used this wool before it's Millamia 100% extra fine marino, it's so soft and the colours are...well...yummy ! I brought it to make crochet snow flakes and mug cosies but now I have it I'm not sure I may change my mind.

And here's the boy in his new bed.

Have a super spOoOky week end,
Emma x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mug cosy

I can't tell you how long I have been desperately trying to make mug cosies , I cannot stand cold tea and the thought of something wooly to keep my tea warm is very appealing. Also I think they would make lovely presents especially for my tea and coffee drinking friends in the thrift shop.
I don't know how to crochet so I have been trying to knit them and NO I am not putting the sorry evidence on here...although it would give you all a good laugh...hmm I'll maybe consider it.
One of my favourite blogs to read is Attic 24, Lucy's crochet is absolutely amazing and she very kindly has a lot of free patterns on her blog, in all of her patterns she describes how to do each stitch in such a way that even I can follow. So I thought what the heck I'll try and crochet a mug cosy, I have used just one simple stitch, don't ask me what cos I don't know! This is what I've made.

It looks like they are showing us how to make these in next months Mollie Makes (thats where the tea bag idea was from) I think it looks knitted though so if there is a proper pattern I may try knitting another one, I'm hoping there will be some ideas for the fastening around the handle as well. I am very happy with this one and I will be making more as it only took an evening and it was easy yay :D.
Emma x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I need to make this!

When I got this book (Scandinavian Needlecraft) even though it was nowhere near Christmas I knew I wanted this lovely Folk bird garland in my house, I almost made it there and then.
I have struggled to get hold of nice felt, it has either been really expensive or too big or too small. Kirsty from ThatCraftyFish has recently started stocking wool felt in manageable sizes here: Fuzzy Fish. So I ordered 1/2 a meter of Bunny white wool felt, although it is not as thick as I would have liked it is far more substantial than normal felt, soft, the colour is just perfect and it arrived very quickly yay. So I set to work, it isn't finished yet so this is a work in progress post, I have rather a lot more birds to cut and stitch. I'm mostly doing this in the evening when Casper the dog sleeps at my feet, which allows me to get on in peace.

Evening stitching with a glass of wine and a sleepy puppy hot water bottle, bliss.
Emma x

Thursday, 13 October 2011


I have managed a spot of decorating in the last few weeks. The girls rooms were looking a bit tired (there was a projectile vomit incident in Sophie's room where I decided the best thing to rid the wall of germs was bleach, unfortunately it also removed the paint in big circular patterns) and various other incidents that trash children's bedrooms, I believe it's called life ! Any way they needed doing so paint was chosen and they were done.

I'm sooo pleased with how they termed out the girls love them too, of course you can't see the floor again now, that would be life again I suppose ! ; )
Emma x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Finished and ready to send.

I have managed to finish the mug rug for the swap, yay :) and I have also managed not to eat the chocolates to go with it, double yay :D. It all went wrong at the quilting stage (as usual) but apart from being a little wonky I am very happy with it and hopefully my partner will be too, if nothing else she'll have some nice choccies.

I'm all set to start the christmas things now, cos it's only 74 days till Christmas you know ;).


We have a new addition to our family too, this is Casper and he is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, not that I mind as he is adorable, we couldn't have asked for a lovelier dog.
Emma x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Little bird

This little bird is a sneak peak of my mug rug for the mug rug swap adventure, she's turned out to be really rather lovely. Again I took inspiration from "Scandinavian Needlecraft"  the bird isn't one of the projects but in the back ground I loved the shape and based this little birdie on it. I think it would look lovely on little lavender tree decorations to give as gifts too.
(Judging by this picture I appear to have forgotten how to use an iron, sorry about that, I will press it before I stitch it all together)
Emma x