Friday, 28 June 2013

Would you like to walk with us again ?

You would, awesome...

 This way then, lets go.

There are so many lovely oak trees here, I love their shape and the dappled shade they give.

 Not that there's any need for shade today !

The light on the pond today was lovely, sort of misty....I tried to capture it...well you'll just have to take my word for it.

Very nearly home now, I don't mind these not so hot summer days, maybe next time it will be sunny :)

Emma and Casper x

Monday, 24 June 2013

and the winner is....


Yay well done Carly, thank you to everyone that entered, I wish I had prizes for all of you, it always seems so unfair just picking one name out of the hat....

Back tomorrow for another walk with Casper the dog.

Emma x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Yay it's a giveaway !

At last I've organised myself !
Just a small giveaway to say thank you for stopping by and saying hello, your support means the world to me...thank you : )

So up for grabs are some stripy bull dog clips, these are fantastic for holding binding on quilts as you stitch. Six reels of baker twine in different colours, one roll of stripy washi tape and the last one of my tiny hexagon pin cushions.
If you would like to enter just leave a comment on this post.
Just so you know there will be no number generators it will just be names out of a hat and I am happy to post over seas.
I'll announce the winner on monday the 24th when I hope to be back with a post of a walk in June.

Have a lovely week

Emma x

Comments are now closed for the giveaway :0)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Oh no...I can't do that...

Well, as it happens I can actually, thats right the much feared free motion quilting !
Ok to a professional it's probably not that good, but as my first proper attempt at quilting something using free motion I'm so pleased it turned out ok.
I suppose it's because it's a small piece it wasn't so daunting. When I have a large quilt I've spent ages on and lots of pennies on the fear of ruining it is so big that I often opt for an easier to unpick method of quilting.
So here it is, a cute little Kawaii cupcake mini quilt, free motion quilted and I put the entire binding on with the machine too...go me lol :)

This is for one of Hollie's friends, she could use it as a mug rug or as a little wall hanging. I love the little strips of washi tape holding it up, Miss Hollie has decided that washi tape is awesome and has nicked it !
I do have a roll left for my little giveaway though yay, I will try and get that organised this week.
I'm on a roll with new things too, this week I've started my first dresden plate too, it's so pretty and so much fun, I'll show you soon.

Emma x