Friday, 10 July 2015

At last, some sewing

So I've been making owls for some very special...well...owls!
 Sophie's Brownie leaders and I still have a few more to make.
Have a lovely weekend,
Emma xxx

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

In my Smash Book

Bit of a picture heavy post this one :-)
I've only filled in 3 pages so far, I've had it since Christmas but was a little unsure where to start and also worried I might ruin it.
So lots of research and stalking has been done :-) 
There are so many tutorials on you tube and ideas on pinterest it has been easy to find inspiration, I may have lost a few days to looking at peoples lovely work...ahem...don't tell Woody!
From what I can gather you can't go wrong and the more you can stuff in the better. 
I have used a favourite Birthday card and tried to build a page around it. 
I also used my mail tag from Rachel as I wanted to keep it all safe and to hand so I can look at it when ever I like. 
The last page was based around a lovely thank you card that came in a prize I was lucky enough to win, it was just too cute to throw away. 
It doesn't have to match, the only thing that matters is that I like it.

See you soon,

Emma x

Friday, 3 July 2015

Feeling blessed...

My littlest girl and I have the most amazing route to school, we cycle, so we get to see everything. (not so much fun in the wind and rain mind)

Lovely dappled shade by the stream.

Purple fields.

The local farmer has planted this crop to encourage bees, put nitrogen back in the soil and feed the sheep, it's so pretty. 
They had the lambs in here last year, so the disappointment over there being no lambs has been overcome by purple loveliness.

Coffee in my garden, I mean seriously could a morning get any lovelier... We'll just gloss over the fact that Sophie lost one of her shoes this morning and we were nearly late and I've just found her reading diary in the shoe cupboard, whoops !
Just incase you were interested the shoe was stuck on the hoover !
I had intended to do a smash book post this morning but I wanted to share the mornings pictures instead, I'll do smash booking next time :-)

See you soon,
Emma xxx