Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter break

Well the Easter hols start at three o clock today and I can't wait for the break, neither can the girls we are all tired and in need of some time off. The same with everyone I think.
I'm taking a blogging holiday over Easter too, I want to spend time with my family and in the garden.
I'll still be checking in on everyone's blogs from time to time though.
So I'll leave you with some Easter baking,

and a picture of my finished socks hooray about bloomin time I hear you say !

Have a wonderful, wonderful Easter,

Emma x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Art quilt

I had a lot of fun making a litttle quilt to hang on the wall, based on tea as always with me. 
I love tea : )
I used my favorite teapot as inspiration. 
I loved doing a bit of free motion again, it's acting as the quilting here.
Do you like the little dog ? She's from Alice apple I've had her a while and I noticed she's wearing one of the girls clips! I'm pointing the finger at Sophie. 
Speaking of Sophie she's at home with me today, she's been poorly for a few weeks : ( turns out she has a chest infection she's on day 2 of antibiotics and is much better already, all in all it's been a horrible few weeks and not much has been achieved round here due to lack of sleep and worry. So today it's house work ( bombsite doesn't even come close ).
When the mess has been dealt with I have another wall quilt to finish, hopefully it will be ready to show next week, also I've nearly finished the socks, just got the toe to finish, so hopefully they will be finished by next week too.
The little quilt has gone in the shop.
I'm off to sit in the garden with a cup of tea  scrub some more ;)
I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather where you are, have a fanstastic week,
Emma x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Granny square progress

I haven't got much to show this week but this is how far I am so far with my blanket, considering I'm just using up ends of wool I think it looks ok : ) I have no idea what weights the wools are because the packaging is gone, so the squares are a little wonky, I don't mind that though I just didn't want to waste all that lovely wool.
I thought I had done loads of squares, I have realised they don't go very far, my problem is that I want everything finished yesterday and I get bored when it goes on too long.
My solution...have lots of things on the go so I can pick one thing up and swap when I get bored of it, unfortunately it takes an age to complete anything so progress is frustratingly slow.
Lacks focus and easily distracted is what my report would say (probably is what they said)
So I'll use up what wool I have, then just keep going round the edges in that lovely green (which I have loads of) until it's big enough.
I'm still working on socks hopefully there will be something to show soon.
Also I'm working on some art quilts for the shop (I'm not giving up !)
No more progress on the hexie quilt as yet though.
As spring has sprung I find myself drawn back into the garden and down the allotment, we have had purple sprouting brocoli and there are still some new potatoes to be unearthed too.

Have a lovely week,

Emma x

ps sorry I keep messing about with the header, I can't seem to find a picture I like, I'll leave it as it is until I take a decent one (could be a while)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've learnt something new

I have been trying to crochet for a while, I made some sucessful mug cosys and some snowflakes but I didn't really know how to do it properly. I think it had a lot to do with having other things to do and not giving it enough of my time (I also got a bit hung up on not holding the yarn and hook like other people)
I recieved my copy of Mollie makes and in it was a lovely granny square stool top, I don't have a stool but I do have an old bed side cabinet which stands in the hall with the phone on. Our hall is dark and dingy not at all pretty and I thought I could have a go at making one to sit on the top. So I found instructions for the required stitch on-line and had a eureka moment! I can do granny squares hooray! Unfortunately I hadn't realised the cabinet was rectangle not square so instead of putting elastic on it I edged it with a pattern from
Attic 24.

It's brightened up the space no end, I can't show it in situ as it's too dark so this will have to do. 
I have now started some small granny squares for a blanket, oh how long I have wanted a granny square blanket now I can make my own hooray. I am using up all the wool I already have so it's another stash buster and will be very multi coloured : )
I have had two poorly little girls over the weekend ( an everlasting tummy bug, YUCK) So it has given me time to just sit with them and do quiet things. They both went back to school today, I hope they will be ok.
Woody was home at the weekend too, which was a nice suprise as we didn't think we would see him till the end of the month and he painted my little shelf for me. 
Here's a little before and after 

Much better now I really love it.

I have also done some more hexies,

this one is my favourite so far

I'm off to make some more granny squares yay : )

Have a lovely week,
Emma x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tea and cake

It's very gloomy again here ( my excuse for bad pictures ) The dog and I have been for a walk, actually quite enjoyable even though it was raining, he had a great time.
We returned from the walk cold and rather peckish...well whats a girl to do...

Tea and a slice of banana and cranberry loaf yum, thats better now on to the more serious business of trying to photograph my big quilt progress in the dark ( it's forgotten to get light here today).
I really wanted to use the white print around all of the flowers but as I'm working my way through it's become apparent that I won't have enough of that fabric so a rethink is going to have to happen. I think I will just carry on making flowers in strips with what I have and fit them all together, it's supposed to be random and I know it will turn out fine if I stop worrying about it. Actually looking at this I think I will have more flexibility if I unpick into single flowers and put it together at the end, decision made yay.

It was Sophie's sixth birthday last week and these are her birthday fairy cakes. They grow so quickly I don't know where time goes, it seems only yesterday that she was a baby. Any way she had a lovely day, got loads of lovely presents and we all ate too much cake.

Right, I'm off to unpick my quilt I feel better much for making a decision about it.

Emma x