Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It's here...

So, you may have noticed my obsession with stationary and planning recently ?
I decided that to stop myself spending way more than I should on stationary products that I should invest in a monthly box :-) That way I get a monthly fix and hopefully won't be tempted in to buying anymore, he he we'll see how that pans out !
There are some uk based monthly boxes and my favourite by far has been the Brimbles box so I took the plunge and ordered it, it was easy and also easy to cancel if it's not for me. 
Today my first box, the August box arrived.

Beautifully packaged in tissue.

Lovely shredded paper.

There is a cute postcard, with s'mores instuctions.

A beautiful to do list pad and some lovely Amy Tangerine stickers.

A lot of project life cards...60 to be precise, all totally gorgeous.

Clips, wash tape and post it notes ( the post it notes where made especially for the brimbles box )
I really love it and I know I will be able to use every single item, some of the project life cards are just beautiful.

It's the summer holidays here, so posting will be a bit sporadic again, I hope to be back soon but we'll see how it goes.
Right I'm off to play with my new goodies, see you soon :-)

Emma x


  1. That looks so cool! I love Amy Tangerine and those journaling cards look so pretty too! I've seen those boxes but my only concern is that I would end up with far more stuff than I would ever use (my hubs would probably say I have too much already as it is!!)
    R x
    PS. Am working on your next mail tag parce now, so keep an eye out ;-) xx

    1. It is all lovely and I'm sure I will use it all.
      Yay can't wait for the next mail tag, I really enjoyed making yours, I will begin stalking the postie..... Again lol x

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